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About us

RELGUARD, a value brand launched by Relgard LLC, was founded in 2014. Our company sells a wide range of top quality animal health products and supplies. Dogs, cats, and birds are our primary focus and the products we have in stock cater to their needs.

As pet lovers, we know and understand your needs. We are specialists in the production of safe products for our loving pets.

You are most welcome to send us an email or leave a message should you have any questions about our company or our products. You will receive prompt professional and informative service, giving you the solution you need to clear up any issues you might have with your pets. Our blog page also has a lot of actionable information on pet training, grooming, and care.

 It is our mission to assist all pet owners and those in animal-related industries provide the highest level of care to their pets and livestock, regardless of location, thus facilitating a comfortable pet-owning lifestyle.

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